Double Happiness: KHB Polaris automatic biochemical analyzer and chemiluminescent immunoanalyzer were certified on the same day!

        On November 4, 2019, Polarisc2000/c1000 automatic biochemical analyzer and Polaris i2400 automatic chemiluminescent immunoanalyzer independently developed by KHB passed the examination and approval at the same time and obtained the national medical device registration certificates.

        Early in 2001, KHB invested to found Shanghai Kehua Experimental System Co., Ltd. for independent research, development and production of laboratory diagnostic instruments such as automatic biochemical analyzers, automatic chemiluminescent immunoanalyzers and PCR instruments.

        Polaris series is a new generation of automatic biochemical and immunoassay system launched by KHB with independent intellectual property rights and high cost performance. As a modular combination system for future and laboratory automation, Polaris series can be extended to multiple analysis modules to integrate biochemical and immune analysis, achieving automatic and intelligent detection of the assembly line.

        The certification of Polaris series products will greatly promote the core competitiveness of KHB in IVD, especially in the biochemical and immunodiagnostic market, as one of the important signs of the successful implementation of Innovation KHB Strategy 2.0.

        Polaris series aims to help users "provide diagnosis and treatment at the level of provincial hospitals based on the charge at the level of county hospitals”, contribute to the implementation of China's medical reform policies such as hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and the “Healthy China 2030” Plan, and promote the localization of medical devices for the implementation of "Made in China 2025” strategy.

【Product introduction】

Polaris c2000 automatic biochemical analyzer


        Polaris c2000 automatic biochemical analyzer is a high-speed detection instrument independently developed by KHB, which achieves a detection speed of 2000 tests / hour on a single machine. The instrument can be modularly assembled and supports interconnection between biochemical and immune systems. Under intelligent management, it forms a traceable detection system with the supporting KHB biochemical reagents. The product features “high efficiency, precision and intelligence”.

  • High efficiency

        The super large double disk reagent system offers up to 216 reagent positions, and the minimum reaction volume is only 80ul

        Wide absorbance range provides up to 16 wavelengths for selection

        Patented dual channel achieves batch injection, feeding up to 380 samples at a time

        Stand-alone modules are smaller

  • Precision

        Customized mixing parameters ensure high quality control system of temperature, mixing and cleaning 

        The setting of prozone parameters and substrate exhaustion leads to more accurate results  

        New bidirectional luminescent optical system  

        Perfect traceability system 

  • Intelligence

        Remote automatic quality control and remote automatic maintenance  

        Remote automatic reagent replacement reminder   

        Intelligent cloud services realize cloud upgrade, cloud diagnosis and cloud quality control

        patent number:ZL 2015 1 0607142.9

Polarisi2400 automatic chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer


        Polarisi2400 automatic chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer can detect 30 items at the same time at speed of 240 tests / hour on a single machine. It can form a traceable detection system with the supporting KHB chemiluminescent reagent, featuring “high efficiency, precision and intelligence”:

  • High efficiency

        Detection process, reagents and consumables can be monitored in real time       

        Continuous loading and replacement is allowed for samples, reagents and consumables       

        It can start and perform daily maintenance automatically

  • Precision  

        The second generation of enzyme-induced luminescence brings a detection sensitivity of 10-21 mol / L, more accurate in detection of small molecules       

        TIP sampling once and for all eliminates cross contamination       

        High precision temperature control system of the whole process has a temperature control error ≤0.1℃

  • Intelligence

        Cloud upgrade: updateand optimize the system in real time to get the latest product information       

        Cloud diagnosis: remote support and fault warning to ensure normal operation of the instrument       

        Cloud quality control: provide real-time analysis of inter-room comparisons to improve the quality management