Innovate business pattern, set up specialized company, develop hospital collective purchase, and cooperate on co-construction and regional inspection business

        In order to grasp the development opportunities brought about by the rapid growth of the industry, effectively implement the "product-centered and market-oriented" concept of development, enhance the contact with end customers, and further improve the service quality for the end customers, the company took its subsidiary Kehua Medical as a professional platform to develop the business of hospital collective purchase and of cooperative construction of regional detection centers, to therefore raise the company's market share and comprehensive strength.

        The company's main business covers IVD reagents, medical laboratory instruments. It boasts five independent product lines of biochemical diagnostics, MEIA diagnosis, LIA diagnosis, POCT, and molecular diagnosis, thus taking the industrial leading position with significant strength of full product lines in the IVD field of China. The company's advantage in full product lines and Kehua Medical's business development shall complete each other and contribute to better exert the synergy effect.

        The company has developed national/regional agency cooperations with a variety of world-renowned companies, such as Japan's Sysmex, Hitachi, France's bioMerieux, Italy's DiaSorin, and Spain's Werfen, to provide a full range of IVD products and services for medical institutions. The agency cooperation business will also promote the development of hospital collective purchase, and of co-construction of regional inspection centers, and help to better meet the needs of end users, enhance their loyalty to the company's products and services, and consolidate and raise the market share of the products.

        The introduction of a core team for joint investment this time shall further enrich the market incentives, stimulate the enthusiasm of the business teams, raise the working efficiency, and achieve a win-win result between the business teams and the company.