Invest to control Xi'an Tianlong and Suzhou Tianlong for strategic layout in molecular diagnostics

        KHB announced on May 16 that it would proceed a staged investment amounting to 554 million yuan by cash, to achieve holding of Xi'an Tianlong and Suzhou Tianlong.

        This was another strategic deployment in molecular diagnostics following the previous investment in Igenesis. Upon the completion of this investment, the company shall further enrich its product line in molecular diagnostics, and improve its layout in molecular diagnostics and laboratory instruments, substantially increasing the number of detections in the molecular diagnostics field. And on the base of its resources of blood banks and clinical quality clients, the company will significantly enhance its competitiveness and market share in the field of molecular diagnostics.

        After integration with Tianlong, the two sides can complement with each other in terms of product, channel and after-sales service, contributing to the company's provision of comprehensive product portfolio for end users, hence full coverage of the clinical, industrial and blood bank markets. The synergy effect in research and development between both will be also observed. From instruments to reagents, nucleic acid purification to gene amplification, the company will therefore own leading total solutions in the molecular field.

        Xi'an Tianlong, founded in 1997, is now known as a national high-tech enterprise, national IPR pilot enterprise, NDRC biomedical engineering high-tech industrialization model enterprise, innovative enterprise of Xi'an and Shaanxi, and support unit of Shaanxi Life Science Instruments Engineering and Research Institute. Xi'an Tianlong owns PCR diagnostics, nucleic acid purification instruments and reagent technologies, and has achieved the development, production and sales of a variety of products. In respect of nucleic acid extraction instruments, reagents and PCR instruments, it takes the leading position among the domestic manufacturers. It has 21 PCR detection reagent product certificates, with products and services ranging from nano-magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction instrument, to real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument and other molecular detection and diagnostic equipment, and to large-scale automated nucleic acid detection workstation. Tianlong has now set up 7 sales regions across China, i.e., Northwest, North China, Southwest, Northeast, East China, South China, and Southwest. In addition, it set up a number of project groups, including clinical PCR project, industrial PCR project, high-throughput sequencing project, tumor individualized medicine project and genital tract micro-ecology project. By distribution, direct marketing and other sales means, its sales network covers the whole market of China, providing users with quality products and services.